Uses of Interface

Packages that use TrafficLogger
rabbit.httpio General http io classes 
rabbit.meta The web interface to the web proxy. 
rabbit.proxy The web proxy components. 
rabbit.util Utility classes used in the rabbit project. 
rabbit.webserver A simple web server, build using the rabbit components. 

Uses of TrafficLogger in rabbit.httpio

Methods in rabbit.httpio with parameters of type TrafficLogger
 void ChunkEnder.sendChunkEnding(SocketChannel channel, Selector selector, Logger logger, TrafficLogger tl, BlockSentListener bsl)

Constructors in rabbit.httpio with parameters of type TrafficLogger
BlockSender(SocketChannel channel, Selector selector, Logger logger, TrafficLogger tl, BufferHandle bufHandle, boolean chunking, BlockSentListener sender)
HttpHeaderReader(SocketChannel channel, BufferHandle bh, Selector selector, Logger logger, TrafficLogger tl, boolean request, boolean strictHttp, HttpHeaderListener reader)
HttpHeaderSender(SocketChannel channel, Selector selector, Logger logger, TrafficLogger tl, HttpHeader header, boolean fullURI, HttpHeaderSentListener sender)
HttpResponseReader(SocketChannel channel, Selector selector, Logger logger, TrafficLogger tl, BufferHandler bufHandler, HttpHeader header, boolean fullURI, boolean strictHttp, HttpResponseListener listener)
TransferHandler(TaskRunner tr, Transferable t, Selector selector, SocketChannel channel, TrafficLogger tlFrom, TrafficLogger tlTo, TransferListener listener, Logger logger)
WebConnectionResourceSource(ConnectionHandler con, Selector selector, WebConnection wc, BufferHandle bufHandle, Logger logger, TrafficLogger tl, boolean isChunked, long dataSize, boolean strictHttp)

Uses of TrafficLogger in rabbit.meta

Fields in rabbit.meta declared as TrafficLogger
protected  TrafficLogger BaseMetaHandler.tlClient
protected  TrafficLogger BaseMetaHandler.tlProxy

Methods in rabbit.meta with parameters of type TrafficLogger
 void MetaHandler.handle(HttpHeader request, SProperties htab, Connection con, TrafficLogger tlProxy, TrafficLogger tlClient)
          Handle a client request.
 void FileSender.handle(HttpHeader request, SProperties htab, Connection con, TrafficLogger tlProxy, TrafficLogger tlClient)
 void BaseMetaHandler.handle(HttpHeader request, SProperties htab, Connection con, TrafficLogger tlProxy, TrafficLogger tlClient)

Uses of TrafficLogger in rabbit.proxy

Methods in rabbit.proxy that return TrafficLogger
 TrafficLogger TrafficLoggerHandler.getCache()
 TrafficLogger TrafficLoggerHandler.getClient()
 TrafficLogger TrafficLoggerHandler.getNetwork()
 TrafficLogger TrafficLoggerHandler.getProxy()

Uses of TrafficLogger in rabbit.util

Classes in rabbit.util that implement TrafficLogger
 class SimpleTrafficLogger
          A class to track of data flows.

Methods in rabbit.util with parameters of type TrafficLogger
 void SimpleTrafficLogger.addTo(TrafficLogger other)
 void TrafficLogger.addTo(TrafficLogger other)
          Add the current log into the other TrafficLogger.

Uses of TrafficLogger in rabbit.webserver

Methods in rabbit.webserver that return TrafficLogger
 TrafficLogger SimpleWebServer.getTrafficLogger()
          Get the TrafficLogger used by this web server.