Package rabbit.proxy

The web proxy components.


Interface Summary
ClientResourceHandler A client resource handler
ClientResourceTransferredListener A listener for resource transfers.
ConnectionLogger A logger interface.
HttpGenerator An interface describing the methods for http header generation.

Class Summary
CacheResourceSource A resource that comes from the cache.
Connection The base connection class for rabbit.
ConnectionId The id for a connection.
HtmlPage This class is intended to be used as a template for metapages.
HttpHeaderFileHandler A FileHandler for HttpHeader
HttpProxy A filtering and caching http proxy.
MultiPartPipe A class that reads multipart data from one channel and writes it to the other channel.
PartialCacher An updater that writes an updated range to a cache file.
ProxyConnectionAcceptor An acceptor handler that creates proxy client connection
ProxyLogger A class to handle proxy logging.
ProxyStarter A class that starts up proxies.
RandomCacheResourceSource A resource that gets ranges from the cache.
SCC A class that tries to setup a resource from the cache
SocketAccessController An access controller based on socket channels.
SWC A class that tries to establish a connection to the real server or the next proxy in the chain.
TrafficLoggerHandler A class to track of multiple network flows.

Package rabbit.proxy Description

The web proxy components.