Uses of Interface

Packages that use TaskRunner
rabbit.client Classes that can be used to build http clients. 
rabbit.handler The resource handlers used in the web proxy. 
rabbit.httpio General http io classes 
rabbit.proxy The web proxy components. 

Uses of TaskRunner in rabbit.client

Methods in rabbit.client that return TaskRunner
 TaskRunner ClientBase.getTaskRunner()

Uses of TaskRunner in rabbit.handler

Methods in rabbit.handler that return TaskRunner
protected  TaskRunner BaseHandler.getTaskRunner()

Uses of TaskRunner in rabbit.httpio

Classes in rabbit.httpio that implement TaskRunner
 class SelectorRunner
          A class that handles a selector.

Constructors in rabbit.httpio with parameters of type TaskRunner
FileResourceSource(File f, TaskRunner tr, BufferHandler bufHandler)
FileResourceSource(String filename, TaskRunner tr, BufferHandler bufHandler)
ResolvRunner(TaskRunner tr, DNSHandler dnsHandler, URL url, InetAddressListener ial)
SimpleResolver(Logger logger, TaskRunner tr)
TransferHandler(TaskRunner tr, Transferable t, Selector selector, SocketChannel channel, TrafficLogger tlFrom, TrafficLogger tlTo, TransferListener listener, Logger logger)

Uses of TaskRunner in rabbit.proxy

Methods in rabbit.proxy that return TaskRunner
 TaskRunner HttpProxy.getTaskRunner()

Constructors in rabbit.proxy with parameters of type TaskRunner
CacheResourceSource(Cache<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> cache, CacheEntry<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> entry, TaskRunner tr, BufferHandler bufHandler)
RandomCacheResourceSource(Cache<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> cache, rabbit.proxy.RequestHandler rh, TaskRunner tr, BufferHandler bufHandler, List<Range> ranges, long totalSize)