Uses of Interface

Packages that use SocketChannelHandler
rabbit.httpio General http io classes 
rabbit.nio The nio components that rabbit uses. 

Uses of SocketChannelHandler in rabbit.httpio

Classes in rabbit.httpio that implement SocketChannelHandler
 class Acceptor
          A standard acceptor.
 class BaseSocketHandler
          A base class for socket handlers.
 class BlockSender
          A handler that writes data blocks.
 class HttpHeaderReader
          A handler that reads http headers
 class WebConnectionResourceSource
          A resource source that gets the data from a WebConnection

Uses of SocketChannelHandler in rabbit.nio

Subinterfaces of SocketChannelHandler in rabbit.nio
 interface AcceptHandler
          A handler that accepts connections
 interface ConnectHandler
          A handler that signals that a channel is ready to connect.
 interface ReadHandler
          A handler that signals that data is ready to be read.
 interface WriteHandler
          A handler that signals that data is ready to be written.

Methods in rabbit.nio with parameters of type SocketChannelHandler
 void NioHandler.cancel(SelectableChannel channel, SocketChannelHandler handler)
          Remove an event listener.
 void MultiSelectorNioHandler.cancel(SelectableChannel channel, SocketChannelHandler handler)