Package rabbit.httpio

General http io classes


Interface Summary
AcceptorListener A listener for accepted connections.
AsyncListener A listener for asynchronous events.
BlockListener A listener for resource data.
BlockSentListener A listener for notification that a data block has been sent.
ChunkDataFeeder A feeder of chunked data
HttpHeaderListener A listener for http headers.
HttpHeaderSentListener A listener for notification that a http header has been sent.
HttpResponseListener A listener for http header sent + read.
LineListener An event handler for lines of text.
ResourceSource A resource source.
Transferable The methods needed for fast transferTo.
TransferListener A listener for transfers.

Class Summary
Acceptor A standard acceptor.
BaseSocketHandler A base class for socket handlers.
BlockSender A handler that writes data blocks.
ChunkEnder A class that sends the chunk ending (with an empty footer).
ChunkHandler The chunk handler gets raw data buffers and passes the de-chunked content to the listener.
FileResourceSource A resource that comes from a file.
HttpHeaderReader A handler that reads http headers
HttpHeaderSender A handler that writes http headers
HttpResponseReader A handler that write one http header and reads a response
LineReader A class that reads lines from a ByteBuffer.
ResolvRunner A dns lookup class that runs in the background.
SimpleResolver A simple resolver that uses the dnsjava resolver.
TransferHandler A handler that transfers data from a Transferable to a socket channel.
WebConnectionResourceSource A resource source that gets the data from a WebConnection

Exception Summary
RequestLineTooLongException A class to handle the case where http header lines are too long.

Package rabbit.httpio Description

General http io classes