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Packages that use WebConnection
rabbit.httpio General http io classes Classes that deal with network and i/o. 
rabbit.proxy The web proxy components. 

Uses of WebConnection in rabbit.httpio

Constructors in rabbit.httpio with parameters of type WebConnection
WebConnectionResourceSource(ConnectionHandler con, NioHandler nioHandler, WebConnection wc, BufferHandle bufHandle, TrafficLogger tl, boolean isChunked, long dataSize, boolean strictHttp)

Uses of WebConnection in

Methods in that return types with arguments of type WebConnection
 Map<Address,List<WebConnection>> ConnectionHandler.getActiveConnections()

Methods in with parameters of type WebConnection
 void WebConnectionListener.connectionEstablished(WebConnection wc)
          A connection has been made.
 void ConnectionHandler.markForPipelining(WebConnection wc)
          Mark a WebConnection ready for pipelining.
 void ConnectionHandler.releaseConnection(WebConnection wc)
          Return a WebConnection to the pool so that it may be reused.

Uses of WebConnection in rabbit.proxy

Methods in rabbit.proxy with parameters of type WebConnection
 void SWC.connectionEstablished(WebConnection wc)
 void HttpProxy.markForPipelining(WebConnection wc)
          Mark a WebConnection for pipelining.
 void HttpProxy.releaseWebConnection(WebConnection wc)
          Release a WebConnection so that it may be reused if possible.
 void ClientResourceHandler.transfer(WebConnection wc, ClientResourceTransferredListener crtl)
          Transfer the resouce data