Uses of Interface

Packages that use AsyncListener
rabbit.client Classes that can be used to build http clients. 
rabbit.handler The resource handlers used in the web proxy. 
rabbit.httpio General http io classes 
rabbit.meta The web interface to the web proxy. 
rabbit.proxy The web proxy components. 

Uses of AsyncListener in rabbit.client

Classes in rabbit.client that implement AsyncListener
 class FileSaver
          A class to save a ResourceSource into a file.

Uses of AsyncListener in rabbit.handler

Classes in rabbit.handler that implement AsyncListener
 class BaseHandler
          This class is an implementation of the Handler interface.
 class FilterHandler
          This handler filters out unwanted html features.
 class GZipHandler
          This handler compresses the data passing through it.
 class ImageHandler
          This handler first downloads the image runs convert on it and then serves the smaller image.
 class MultiPartHandler
          This class handles multipart responses, this handler does not filter the resource.

Uses of AsyncListener in rabbit.httpio

Subinterfaces of AsyncListener in rabbit.httpio
 interface BlockListener
          A listener for resource data.
 interface BlockSentListener
          A listener for notification that a data block has been sent.
 interface HttpHeaderListener
          A listener for http headers.
 interface HttpHeaderSentListener
          A listener for notification that a http header has been sent.
 interface HttpResponseListener
          A listener for http header sent + read.

Classes in rabbit.httpio that implement AsyncListener
 class HttpHeaderSender
          A handler that writes http headers
 class HttpResponseReader
          A handler that write one http header and reads a response

Uses of AsyncListener in rabbit.meta

Classes in rabbit.meta that implement AsyncListener
 class BaseMetaHandler
          A base class for meta handlers.
 class CacheStatus
          A cache inspector.
 class ClearCache
          Clears the cache completely
 class Connections
          A page that shows the currently open web connections.
 class FileSender
          A file resource handler.
 class Kill
          Kills the proxy instance.
 class SelectorStatus
          A status page for the proxy.
 class StackTrace
          Clears the cache completely
 class Status
          A status page for the proxy.
 class TaskTimings
          A page that shows the currently open web connections.

Uses of AsyncListener in rabbit.proxy

Subinterfaces of AsyncListener in rabbit.proxy
 interface ClientResourceTransferredListener
          A listener for resource transfers.

Classes in rabbit.proxy that implement AsyncListener
 class SWC
          A class that tries to establish a connection to the real server or the next proxy in the chain.