Uses of Class

Packages that use HtmlBlock
rabbit.filter A set of filters for sockets, http and http resources. 
rabbit.html This package holds the classes that deal with HTML code. 

Uses of HtmlBlock in rabbit.filter

Methods in rabbit.filter with parameters of type HtmlBlock
 void AdFilter.filterHtml(HtmlBlock block)
          Removes advertising from the given block.
 void SimpleTagFilter.filterHtml(HtmlBlock block)
          Iterate over all tags and call handleTag on them.
 void BodyFilter.filterHtml(HtmlBlock block)
          Insert some text at the top of the html page.
abstract  void HtmlFilter.filterHtml(HtmlBlock block)
          Filter a block of html.
 void BackgroundFilter.handleTag(Tag tag, HtmlBlock block, int tokenIndex)
          Remove background images from the given block.
abstract  void SimpleTagFilter.handleTag(Tag tag, HtmlBlock block, int tokenIndex)
          Handle a tag.
 void BodyFilter.handleTag(Tag tag, HtmlBlock block, int tokenIndex)
 void LowresImageFilter.handleTag(Tag tag, HtmlBlock block, int tokenIndex)
          remove the lowres tags.
 void BlinkFilter.handleTag(Tag tag, HtmlBlock block, int tokenIndex)
          Remove blink tags.
protected  int BodyFilter.insertTokens(HtmlBlock block, int pos)
          Insert the links in an ordered fashion.

Uses of HtmlBlock in rabbit.html

Methods in rabbit.html that return HtmlBlock
 HtmlBlock HtmlParser.parse()
          Get a HtmlBlock from the pagepart given.