Uses of Interface

Packages that use HtmlFilterFactory
rabbit.filter A set of filters for sockets, http and http resources. 
rabbit.handler The resource handlers used in the web proxy. 

Uses of HtmlFilterFactory in rabbit.filter

Classes in rabbit.filter that implement HtmlFilterFactory
 class AdFilter
          This class switches advertising images into another image.
 class BackgroundFilter
          This class removes background images from html pages.
 class BlinkFilter
          A filter that removes the blink and /blink tags.
 class BodyFilter
          A class that inserts some text and links at the top of a page.
 class HtmlFilter
          This class describes the functions neccessary to filter a block of html.
 class LowresImageFilter
          This filter removes the "lowsrc=some_image.gif" attributes from the <img> tags.
 class SimpleTagFilter
          A class that inserts some text and links at the top of a page.

Uses of HtmlFilterFactory in rabbit.handler

Constructor parameters in rabbit.handler with type arguments of type HtmlFilterFactory
FilterHandler(Connection con, TrafficLoggerHandler tlh, HttpHeader request, BufferHandle clientHandle, HttpHeader response, ResourceSource content, boolean mayCache, boolean mayFilter, long size, boolean compress, boolean repack, List<HtmlFilterFactory> filterClasses)
          Create a new FilterHandler for the given request.