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Packages that use BufferHandler
rabbit.httpio General http io classes Classes that deal with network and i/o. 
rabbit.proxy The web proxy components. 
rabbit.webserver A simple web server, build using the rabbit components. 

Uses of BufferHandler in rabbit.httpio

Constructors in rabbit.httpio with parameters of type BufferHandler
FileResourceSource(File f, NioHandler nioHandler, BufferHandler bufHandler)
FileResourceSource(String filename, NioHandler nioHandler, BufferHandler bufHandler)
HttpResponseReader(SocketChannel channel, NioHandler nioHandler, TrafficLogger tl, BufferHandler bufHandler, HttpHeader header, boolean fullURI, boolean strictHttp, HttpResponseListener listener)

Uses of BufferHandler in

Classes in that implement BufferHandler
 class CachingBufferHandler
          A ByteBuffer handler that keeps re uses returned buffers.

Constructors in with parameters of type BufferHandler
CacheBufferHandle(BufferHandler bh)

Uses of BufferHandler in rabbit.proxy

Methods in rabbit.proxy that return BufferHandler
protected  BufferHandler HttpProxy.getBufferHandler()
 BufferHandler Connection.getBufferHandler()

Constructors in rabbit.proxy with parameters of type BufferHandler
CacheResourceSource(Cache<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> cache, CacheEntry<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> entry, NioHandler tr, BufferHandler bufHandler)
Connection(ConnectionId id, SocketChannel channel, HttpProxy proxy, BufferHandler bufHandler)
          Create a new Connection
RandomCacheResourceSource(Cache<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> cache, rabbit.proxy.RequestHandler rh, NioHandler tr, BufferHandler bufHandler, List<Range> ranges, long totalSize)

Uses of BufferHandler in rabbit.webserver

Methods in rabbit.webserver that return BufferHandler
 BufferHandler SimpleWebServer.getBufferHandler()
          Get the BufferHandler used by this web server.