Uses of Interface

Packages that use ImageConverter
rabbit.handler The resource handlers used in the web proxy. 
rabbit.handler.convert The image converters that rabbits handler uses. 

Uses of ImageConverter in rabbit.handler

Constructors in rabbit.handler with parameters of type ImageConverter
ImageHandler(Connection con, TrafficLoggerHandler tlh, HttpHeader request, BufferHandle clientHandle, HttpHeader response, ResourceSource content, boolean mayCache, boolean mayFilter, long size, SProperties config, boolean doConvert, int minSizeToConvert, ImageConverter imageConverter)
          Create a new ImageHandler for the given request.

Uses of ImageConverter in rabbit.handler.convert

Classes in rabbit.handler.convert that implement ImageConverter
 class ExternalProcessConverter
          An image converter that runs an external program to do the actual conversion.
 class JavaImageConverter
          An image converter that uses javax.image to convert images