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Packages that use HttpFilter
rabbit.filter A set of filters for sockets, http and http resources. 

Uses of HttpFilter in rabbit.filter

Classes in rabbit.filter that implement HttpFilter
 class BlockFilter
          This is a class that blocks access to certain part of the www.
 class DontCacheFilter
          This is a class that makes sure the proxy doesnt caches certain pages.
 class DontFilterFilter
          This is a class that makes sure the proxy doesnt filter certain pages.
 class HttpBaseFilter
          This is a class that filter http headers to make them nice.
 class HttpSnoop
          This is a class that prints the Http headers on the standard out stream.
 class NoGZipEncoding
          This is a class that removes "Accept-Encoding: gzip"
 class ProxyAuth
          This is a filter that requires users to use proxy-authentication.
 class RevalidateFilter
          This is a class that makes all requests (matching a few criterias) use revalidation even if there is a usable resource in the cache.
 class ReverseProxy
          This is a filter that set up rabbit for reverse proxying.
 class SetHeaderFilter
          This is a class that sets headers in the request and/or response.