Uses of Interface

Packages that use Cache
rabbit.cache A persistant storage suitable for http resources. 
rabbit.proxy The web proxy components. 

Uses of Cache in rabbit.cache

Classes in rabbit.cache that implement Cache
 class NCache<K,V>
          The NCache is like a Map in lookup/insert/delete The NCache is persistent over sessions (saves itself to disk).

Methods in rabbit.cache with parameters of type Cache
 V CacheEntry.getDataHook(Cache<K,V> cache)
          Get the hooked data.

Uses of Cache in rabbit.proxy

Methods in rabbit.proxy that return Cache
 Cache<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> HttpProxy.getCache()

Constructors in rabbit.proxy with parameters of type Cache
CacheResourceSource(Cache<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> cache, CacheEntry<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> entry, NioHandler tr, BufferHandler bufHandler)
RandomCacheResourceSource(Cache<HttpHeader,HttpHeader> cache, rabbit.proxy.RequestHandler rh, NioHandler tr, BufferHandler bufHandler, List<Range> ranges, long totalSize)